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Installing Python Modules to an Offline Linux Server

In this article I will describe how to install Python modules to an offline server. Example will show how to use Pip to download packages in an online server and then install those locally in an offline server.

Following prerequirements are assumed for this example:

- Python 3.6 and PIP installed (this document shows a way:
- Offline target server is accessible and you can transfer files there
- Online server with Internet access

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Installing Packages to a Linux Server Without Internet Access

Occasionally you can find a situation where you have a network admin server in a restricted customer environment or in some other offline environment. I came accross to this a while ago and I followed this procedure to install some essential network tools. Server in my case was RedHat 7.5, but process is similar to any distribution.

To begin with, I built an identical server to my own VM environment - if you need a RedHat server with licenses, check their Developer portal :-)

Only requirement is that you are able to transfer files between your online server and your offline server - this may be tricky and in very restricted environments, might need so physical disk too. In my case I was luckily able to transfer the files through a Citrix RDP session.

In the code examples I have two servers: source is my online VM and target is the offline server.

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